Toby Vyvjala

CEO & Texas Master Beekeeper

Toby is the beekeeper behind Angry Bee. His background in digital marketing helped shape a simple photo journal about his family’s beekeeping adventure into a brand that sells natural products, promotes bee education and raises awareness about the health-risks associated with pesticide contaimination in the products we use and the food we eat.

Healthier choices guide how we do business. We believe that high-quality products should be the first and only choice when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Toby’s passion for bees and interest in science lead him into enrolling in the Texas Master Beekeeper Program in March of 2017. He furthers his education in the certification program and levies time to educate young students from local schools about the importance of bees and pollination.

Everything we do has an effect on the environment around us. I want to educate our future generations about living healthier by raising awareness about the undesirable effects of synthetic agricultural fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Such toxins are absorbed by the crops that become our food and the products we use. Living healthier starts with education.
Toby Vyvjala - CEO & Texas Master Beekeeper -

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