Lisa Norwood

Product Research & Development

Lisa is our creative genius in charge of product research and development. With an extensive background in aromatherapy and herbalism, she has a talent for creating wonderful scents from blended oils and natural sources. She has recreated discontinued fragrances and crafted special orders for celebrities. Lisa also helps with quality control. We established early on at Angry Bee that we wanted to use the highest quality ingredients to create superior products for our customers. We believe natural, high quality products are better for you, the environment and worth the extra time and care we devote into creating them.

Lisa is also a photographer. Most of the pictures on our website were taken by her. Some of her detailed photographs are featured in zoos and other artistic shots have been donated to charity auctions. We proudly display some of her close-up pictures of bees in our bee classes and school presentations to help educate children on the importance of bees and pollination.

It’s exciting to see Lisa’s creativity in action and we’re proud to have her on our team.

Lisa Norwood - Product Research & Development -

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