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Need to remove a beehive?

If you have a beehive that needs to be removed please write us to discuss your options. Unlike pest control companies we offer bee control without poison or the need to exterminate the bees. Our team of professional beekeepers will rescue and relocate your bee colony to a local bee yard. Bees and other beneficial insects are facing severe losses from the toxic effects of pesticides such as Neonicotinoids. This class of poison is now considered a main cause behind the disappearance of bees called Colony Collapse Disorder, which has been reported in the news. Before you spray, consider the environmental impact. Bees pollinate our fruit trees and gardens so please consider having them humanely removed whenever possible.

A honey bee nest in the wall of a house before we removed them.

Our Beekeepers Offer

  • Beehive Removal
  • Bee Swarm Removal
  • Free Bee Removal Estimates

We have the experience, knowledge, tools and equipment necessary to safely remove honey bees from all types of structures; including, walls, roof eaves, utility boxes, metal barrels, old tires and other places.

Bee Swarm Removal

A swarm is a large group of bees that typically hang from a tree or bush, walls or structure. If you see a swarm contact us immediately, stay clear of the area and warn anyone nearby.

    Why do bees swarm?

    Bees swarm naturally as a form of colony reproduction. Once a colony has grown too large for their current nest site the old queen may leave with a swarm. The queen and 30% – 75% of the adult bees fly away to find a new home. The original nest and remaining worker bees will raise a new queen.

    Do Not Disturb the Bees

    Swarming bees are harmless if left undisturbed. Throwing objects at the cluster or trying to poison the bees with wasp spray will only agitate the bees and they may defend themselves. Contact us immediately to discuss your options. We humanely remove swarms and relocate the honey bees to a local bee yard.

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